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Based out of Hampton Roads Virginia: Seamless is a band that is amazingly cohesive with bringing a quality sound to the many genres of music. Seamless is a very diverse band as it can stand as a Duo, Trio, or Full Band.

The Seamless Duo has been performing at 5 star restaurant Varia in the Hilton at the Main Norfolk, Virginia. 5 star lounge Raleigh Room at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Along with many of Hampton Roads Assistant Livings. With the sultry vocalist Malikah Harris and creative pianist Zach Bridges, this Duo is bound to keep you enthralled.

The Seamless Trio according to the client's taste can be made up of basically any three of the band instruments including vocals if needed. The Trio will perform venues such as wedding cocktail hour, birthday parties, special events, etc.

The Seamless Full Band is a seasoned 10 piece professional band. Excellent musicians that have over 40 years experience individually. With Piano, Bass, 2 Guitars, Drums, Sax, Percussions and Vocals Seamless Full Band can grace any stage. From blues, jazz, classical, to rock, pop, soul, even theatrical Broadway Seamless will give your listening ear and heart pleasure.

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